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Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy and Irene caught many of our Long Island friends and neighbors off guard and caused widespread home damage due to power loss and flooding. Extended power outages seem to be a more frequent occurrence in the Long Island Area. Our home standby generator experts are here to help maintain the continuity of your family's home life and keep your home safe through any weather.

What Kind of Generator Do You Need?
Depending upon your situation, there are many types of generator options, ranging from gas powered portable generators that can power an appliance or two, to residential home standby generators that run on natural gas or propane and automatically turn on when your power goes out. Portable generators can usually be purchased through a hardware store. Stanby generators should be purchased from and installed by a professional like Extreme Plumbing & Heating.

Do You Want 24/7 Home & Family Comfort Protection?
If knowing that your family and home are always protected is your goal, then a residential home standby generator is for you. Giving you 24/7 peace of mind, a residential standby generator provides a back up electrical system that operates automatically. Within a few seconds of a power outage a standby generator provides power directly to your home’s electrical circuit breaker box. Once your power turns back on, the standby generator shuts itself off until the next outage. These home generators operate on natural gas or propane gas and are positioned outside your home just like an air conditioning unit. Unlike a portable generator that may keep a freezer running during a power outage, standby generators can power much larger equipment and operate automatically. Thereby, providing your home with all the energy needed to function normally even when the power's out.

Generator Repair and Preventative Maintenance
Regular service is your best assurance of peak performance on demand. Any generator is a sophisticated piece of machinery. Hundreds of electrical and mechanical parts have to work together for it to function properly. Fortunately, our trained technicians know generators inside and out. They know the importance of regular maintenance and you should too. Regular maintenance adds years of life to your equipment Spotting minor problems during a service check will prevent expensive repairs later. Maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions makes your warranty remain in good standing.

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